It would a simplification to say that we design cars and manufacture bodies, although this is in essence true. At the beginning of our joint project was an idea and a determination to put our idea together in a professional manner, and the creative thinking involved developed gradually, but with a kind of synergy, although we grew up separately and knew nothing of each other for a long time. Since our youth, we have noticed the shape of various vehicles around us, and the lines granted to them by their teams of creators. We put together imaginary charts and admired or rejected their shapes or bodies. We loved each new idea we saw in the streets or on the roads and immediately added it to our private ranking. It was on these intellectual foundations we based the development of our first prototype HN R200 vehicle. (Marek Hoffmann, Petr Novague –authors of the HN R200 project, company owners)



A tradition of high quality manufacturing

Kovovýroba Hoffmann (founded 1989) is a company which successfully operates in the Czech and international market and specialises in the prototype and low-volume manufacture of pressing and forming equipment and body components for renowned global automotive manufacturers. Our objective is maximum precision and the highest level of quality at an acceptable price level. We always work with absolute efficiency, while precise know-how is ensured through our carefully assembled team of highly qualified employees and a wide range of modern equipment. We base ourselves upon a wide range of flexible innovative solutions, the highest quality and optimising costs for assigned projects.


Timeless design

Petr Novague’s industrial design studio (founded 2008), holder of many prestigious international design awards. The studio’s original output straddles a wide range of projects from imaginative industrial product design, electronics, communication equipment and vehicles to graphic design, architecture and lecturing work at universities.